to drink coffee, is to love

dear coffee,

This love affair is one for the books. It has lasted over 20 years now, and I imagine isn’t slowing down any time soon. You are the first thing I do when I wake up. The first action I take is to head downstairs and press the brew button on our coffee pot. Yes, we filled it up with grounds and water the night before. No one wants to deal with making coffee at 4 or 5 am. It’s time to drink coffee.

To be honest with you, it isn’t about the caffeine for me. Albeit that is a nice bonus. It is the smell, the warmth of a mug in my hands, and the first sip that just has RITUAL written all over it. Without fail, every morning I have a cup of coffee. It is truly the only part of my day that is the same. I’m not sure why that is, but I know my day can start once I’ve taken a probiotic and had a cup of coffee. Whew, I sure know how to live.

Coffee made its way into my life slowly. I wasn’t always a coffee drinker and had to be slowly introduced to it through various sugary concoctions that helped me ease into the idea of the bitter black coffee that I drink now. It helps to have a dad that heckles you whenever you get a latte or put sugar in your coffee. Thanks, Dad.

I was introduced to coffee at Espresso Milano (still one of my favorite places in the world). It is an unassuming coffee shop where I grew up, but when I was in high school – the person that I desired to be was a frequent flier at that coffee shop. So the only thing to do was to join them. Start. Drinking. Coffee. Yet, I didn’t drink coffee in the morning – I would go there after dinner and grab a cup of coffee. I would join all the “cool” high schoolers that were sipping on caffeinated beverages 2 hours before I had to be home and in bed. Somehow I still managed to sleep, my adult self scoffs at the notion that this was even possible. I can’t have coffee after 2 pm these days.

But that is where it started, full of milk, full of sugar, in a tiny hole-in-the-wall coffee shop. Since then, it’s progressed through college study sessions and into adulthood where it’s not just a can of Folgers sitting next to a mini pot – it’s a full-blown coffee grinder next to fresh beans that brew in a pot that definitely gets all the flavor out. I’m not saying that I’m a coffee snob, but I’m not not saying it either.

This love has led me to coffee shops all over the world. One of my favorite things to do is to visit a coffee shop everywhere I go. My husband can attest to this, I’ll drag him all over to find the cutest, most perfect shop wherever we are. We’ll obviously drink coffee and if they have good pastries, even better – you’ve hooked me for life.

So coffee, it’s you and me. Against the world. Thank you for helping me study, getting me through nights where I didn’t sleep when my kids were little, and for just, in general, becoming a wonderfully reliable companion. I see so many years ahead for us and look forward to each and every morning with you.

Love always,


Dedicated to you, coffee:

My Favorite Coffee Shops

This list could be a million pages long, I keep thinking of great coffee shops I’ve been to. Most of them are where we’ve lived, some are where we’ve visited. All stick in my mind as places that are cozy, welcoming, have good food [for the most part], and are just a great place to grab a cup.

My Favorite Coffee Tings

Yes, I love to drink coffee and these are some products I love.
I actually have all these and love them.
Support YOUR local coffee shop and buy their beans.
It helps out a local business AND you have coffee. Win win.